Thursday, May 14, 2015

PHFR: A week in May

Mother's Day was very pretty.  Flowers, a clock that has three different rings, and luscious lemonade (I am a fresh lemonade junkie).  Phone calls from far away and near at home. It was a nice day. 

We invested in a new set of luggage.  I won't show you what we WERE using, although it did involve rope and duct tape, if you need a visual. 

 And oh....I finally was able to get the LL BEAN toiletry travel bag.  It is fantastic!!!  

I have this fettishy liking for organized compartments (yes, I don't get out much).  And this bag surely delivers! It hangs on a hook and has tons of room.  But it folds up to this!  

{Not so funny, but real}
College students begin coming home for the summer......first it trickles, then it just takes over.  But it also means college kids are home for the summer and HURRAH for that!  We sure did miss them.

College Graduation here we come this week end!

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  1. Beautiful flowers and clock! So, new luggage, new travels????