Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: Week end

10 Things I did this past week end

1.  Mowed, pruned, weeded, edged,  and planted flowers with the help of Lovely Daughter and Creative Child.  

2.  Got some great rockers for the front porch for me and Pa.

3.  Flew our wonderful, new American Flag on the Front Porch.  It was windy, too, so it was gloriously waving over the land of the free.

4.  Attended the graduation of a young lady who has done drama with me since she has been in 5th grade.  Sniff!  All the seniors have been with me for a very long time.  It was bittersweet.  
Three of my favorite people.  Lovely daughter, Hannah the graduate and Rose 
all sitting on the pink "divan" as we like to call this old, ratty sofa that has been in every play we have ever put on. 

5.  Made an enormous pork roast and potato salad.  Plus watermelon.  Ahhh!  the taste of summer.

6.  Read a great little book about St. John Bosco.  What a saint!  Loving, kind, approachable - everything a priest ought to be.  The amount of work he accomplished in a day is astounding!  It put me to shame.  I think he will be a new friend.

7.   Went to my nephew's graduation.  All the guys were wearing white tuxedos and red carnations.  All those handsome, young faces.  It was lovely.  

8.  Sat down with Creative Child and watched our annual Memorial Day movie:  Patton.  Some fantastic lines in there!!  We almost have it memorized.  Crazy, I know.
9.  Sipped some red wine with my older kids.

10.  Talked to Thoughtful Child on the phone.  His summer plans are shaping up and he is excited to be teaching high school in the fall.


  1. What an exceptional weekend with really lovely photos! Your flag really does look glorious. I have a slightly uncomfortable wooden swing on my front porch, but I'm going to look for some great rockers like yours.

  2. We have a teacher in the house as well! My son is a Spanish teacher at our local school. LOVE your rockers!

  3. Watching Patton on Mem Day is a great idea! May need to implement that.