Thursday, May 28, 2015

PHFR: Flowers, ivy,!

Back porch in the early morning.  The clouds this year have been outstanding.  I planted impatiens in the pots down my wall.  They look a bit frail here (cough, cough) but soon they will look like the ones on the porch, hopefully!

Watermelon and the sports page.  Nuf said!

 I pass this painting a hundred times a day and it always makes me smile.  My Mom painted it when she was 16 years old.  She told me the story about the art studio and the teacher she had when she painted it.  It reminds me of a more gracious time.  

So, for this summer's theater production I chose to do something completely insane.  This is not unusual for me, of course, but this is the first time we have written our own script.  The play is "Dracula".  None of us have ever liked the way it is portrayed on screen or stage in that lurid, melodramatic way.  And making poor, sweet, elderly Van Helsing into a young, weapon weilding Hugh Jackman was the last straw for me.  This story is beautiful, albeit creepy, as evil preying on innocence always is.  It is the story of love:  four men protecting and defending the sweet, beautiful innocence of one lovely woman.  If you have never read the real story, I suggest it!  It is scary, but so full of goodness and light as well.  Creative Child is writing furiously as we speak.  It has to be done by the "read through" in late June.  That is why we are insane.  Lovely Daughter, who loves this story, gives suggestions every once in awhile - to the sometimes chagrine of the "artiste".  I have read a bit......and it is proving to be really good.  I feel the excitment coming on........

Green pots.  I love green in whatever shade.  And I saw these among the plants for sale in front of my grocery store......I heard them husband tried to tie me to the mast......but I bought them.  They were immediately filled with romantic ivy!  


  1. I have never read it and never had a tug to until reading this post..and wow...your children collaborate on writing plays of classic novels???? I'm in love! So inspiring :)

  2. I love impatiens and green, too! Oh, so I wish we lived closer. My dramatic girls would love the opportunity to be in a play. I'd love to see your Dracula!

    1. Maybe someday we will meet! And have a huge production of something. That would be so fun!!!!