Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Summer Bucket List

Joining up with Carole today for Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things on My Summer Bucket List

1.  Finish Five Books of substantial length, starting with Willa Cather's "Song of the Lark".

2.  Read those books on my front porch, which never gets used during the busier times of year.

3.  Learned how to make Iced Coffee (I can check this one off!  Thanks Pioneer Woman for the how to!)

4.  LISTEN more to the sounds of summer.  Lately my mind just hums with other "Stuff".  The other morning I sat on the front porch really early in the morning and was struck by the different bird calls I hadn't heard before.  It struck me then that I don't listen as much as I used to.  I am going to change that this summer.

5.  Walk in the rain without an umbrella, like I used to when I was little.

6.  Make more recipes from these two books!  These are so much fun!

7.  Hunt down some really good and cheap props for my summer production of Dracula.  I got these at Big Lots.  SCORE! 

Also, learn how to use a professional theater's light board and a sound board. 

8.  Organize my schoolroom and my books for next year.

9.  Eat an elegant picnic with Tony at the side of this pond.
Image result for Forest Park grand basin
10.  Think more, ponder deeply about what I read, slow down the inner noise.  Listen for God's still small voice.  


  1. Lovely list accompanied by great photos! I hope you have plenty of time for reading on your front porch while sipping iced coffee and listening to the birds!

  2. The sounds of summer are so special and so short! I hope you get that picnic in!

  3. Oh I love Song of the Lark - I hope you'll enjoy it!

  4. aww Listen ing for God's voice...i love that one

  5. Lovely list! Song of the Lark is my favorite Willa Cather; hope you like it! Enjoy your summer . . . it always goes by far too quickly for me.

  6. What a wonderful list! I love the simplicity of some of the items - like read on the front porch and walk in the rain.