Monday, June 15, 2015

They Made IT!

Mission Accomplished!! 

Image result for incensor in st james de compostela

Eldest Child and Faithful Friend Pete make it to "the end of the world" and finish walking the Camino de Santiago.

 One month and two weeks, 500 miles starting in France and ending in Santiago Spain, hiking through the mountains and valleys, overcoming fatigue, blisters, weather.....Drinking Spanish wine from old casks, meeting pilgrims from all over the world, relishing tapas, hearing impromptu organ recitals in massive old cathedrals, experiencing quiet villages untouched by technology, marveling at what it means to be an "old world" as opposed to our relatively New World, praying in the hush of hills, mountains, and valleys.  
Here's to you, David and Pete!  Bravo, Pilgrims of The Way.
Here are some of the things they saw along the road compliments of Eldest Child's lens.
They started in Paris

And they ended here - the Cathedral of Saint James.

Deo Gratias!



  1. Was this a pilgrimage of sorts?

  2. Yes. It is called The Way and pilgrims from all over the world travel it in prayer and sacrifice. It is like a long, wonderful retreat. They start in France, climb up the mountains and down again into Spain and across.

  3. What a wonderful experience in so many ways!

  4. Awesome!!! I was just thinking about them the other day while I was on a walk and wondered how they were doing! What an incredible journey they must have had! Beautiful memories they'll have to cherish!