Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pretty, Happy Funny, Real: Summer Things


A double headed daisy from my back porch.  I thought it was so fitting that I was reading a book on St. Benedict and St. Scholastica!  Twin saints drawing their different charisms from the same stem of Jesus.   June is always on fire in our yard with yellow everything!   My husband looks forward to these flowers every June as they are right outside his office window! 

 The word burgeoning is a great word for June.  Life overflowing everywhere.

Dancing Child has always had and has 
never lost a very particular and fervent love of carnivals and rides.  Here he waits at the kitchen window and eagerly watches our Parish picnic take shape across the street. 

Lovely Daughter and I have a brewing service project, but it requires sewing.  Hmmm.  To my shame I never learned to sew.  I know, horrible me!!  My Mom always sewed for me and I took over the kitchen in return for her. I made all the dinners while she sewed dresses, and costumes, etc.  It was a great bargain, because even though she was a splendid cook, she got tired of the daily meal planning.  So, I got amazing dresses and she got time off in the kitchen.  Great deal....except I never learned to sew.  But we are very determined, Lovely Daughter and I!  I cut everything out and she sews.  We started small with a little girl's dress.  It turned out to be a very contemplative afternoon at the dining room table.  More about our project in a later post!

{Real-ly Good}
Iced Coffee breaks in the lazy summer afternoon.  Nothing like it! 

Youngest Child:  the official taste tester.



  1. Love the fabric you chose for your sewing project! Hope you post the end result!

  2. Oh, the double headed daisy bloom and story!! Fitting indeed!! The fabrics are great!! Look forward to seeing the finish, it's sure to be cute! I so miss my twins, like you they did lots of cooking around here so I could sew!

  3. Beautiful fabrics -- the dresses will be so pretty!
    Love the photos -- thanks for joining!