Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: Fiddle Dee Dee

Joining up with Carole today for Ten on Tuesday.  

Ten effective words I use when I don't want to swear:

1.  Oh, Fiddle Dee Dee 
(thanks Scarlett O'Hara)

2.  Ratsa-Fratsa-Ratsa 
(thanks Snagglepuss)

3.  Blasted 
(reserved for computers and sewing machines)

4. Just letting out a primal scream 
(quite effective)

5.  Arrgghhh!  
(thank you pirates down through the ages)

6.  Snitzlefritz 
(reserved for a naughty, whining child)

7.  When one of my kids drops something or rips something, I quote from Sister Elizabeth in The Trouble With Angels 
"III'm rather sorry yoooou even came to class.  Now you will stay after and clean it up!"  
This one even comes with an accent.

8. Sweet Swirling Onion Rings 
(thanks Fred Randal, Rocket Man)

9. Britz  
(as in, stop being such a britz! Reserved for obstinate, childish behavior) 



  1. LOL! These are hilarious! I bet they take the edge off your frustration better than an actual swear word.

  2. One of my favs is the pirate ARRRRRRR!!! Primal scream is especially effective too! ;-)