Friday, June 5, 2015

PHFR: Finding the camera icon on my new i phone!

Well, I have officially created a monster.  I have discovered the little camera icon on my new phone.  I have been clicking and clicking.  There might need to be an intervention soon!  It was a slow week here at the old homestead, but there was some pretty, happy, funny, and real to be discovered here and there....and CLICK, here it is!


Flowers growing gang busters after a few days of rain.  Our Lady was well honored by them.

Also loved the way the light was shining on my book ends.  Light does such amazing things all throughout the day.

Dad surprised us with McDonalds and oreos. That will make an ordinary day more peppy especially if you are studying for the final Latin Exam!

Also, a new pair of everyday sandals I found at Walgreens.  I love the bling.  

This looks pathetic enough to be on the cover of a Dickens novel.  
I think he was sitting under an air conditioning vent - hence the blanket.  The face......hmm.....I can't explain.

But his sister tried to engage him in lively conversation.  

The Clash of Clans game - planning strategy together! 



  1. Oreos are always a treat! We recently discovered they have a 'Birthday Cake' version and well, let's just say the package was devoured within 24 hours! :)

  2. Ahh, the camera icon...interventions don't seem to work though! ;) Have fun!

  3. I love my iPhone camera! Have you discovered all the great editing apps?