Thursday, July 23, 2015

PHFR: Just some little things

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}
We are thick in the middle of rehearsals for DRACULA, my theater company's summer production.  It is such great story!  Of evil, of bravery in the face of evil, of love- the SACRIFICIAL kind!  The kids have never had to act like this before so it has been a stretch for them.  But they are rising to the challenge and are having a tremendous time.  The creativity is bouncing off the walls of my schoolroom every night as we experiment with different ways to convey the beauty of this story as well as the evil. It is like the pangs of creative birth.   Whew!  It takes it all out of you!  
So, it is good to just get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and dwell among the simple homey things that are still there (well, including laundry, dishes, etc) until the next rehearsal.  Anyone who has been in the thick of a play knows this feeling of living in two worlds for awhile. But here is what I saw on my slow wake up this morning with coffee and camera in hand!

{Pretty and Happy}

{Funny and Real}
Oh, I almost forgot..I chaperoned my first ever Steubenville Mid-America Catholic Youth Conference last week end.  There is Active Child letting off some energy between talks.  More on this later, but I was pleasantly surprised by this conference.  And there is  nothing like being around the energy and optimism of all these great young people. 

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