Thursday, July 16, 2015

P,H,F,R: Quiet On the Set


Red, Red, Red!  I found some cheery red bowls at the dollar store the other day and decided that our mismatched plastic dinnerware needed a boost.  And the price was definitely right!  So, we have returned to ceramic.  You just feel like the meal is more substantial somehow if you eat off of heavier "stuff" than plastic. 


Finding many new recipes to make in this cookbook.  Its a keeper!

{Funny and Real}

To save money for our very poor and small theater company, I decided to have rehearsals at my house in the schoolroom. It is very makeshift, but very fun as well.  We make coffee, eat popcorn, and laugh way to much.  It bonds a cast quite well, I have found, to not have state of the art "everything". Like the thrill of  flying a small prop plane as opposed to a jet.  You never know if you will come out alive, but it is thrilling.   So, Victorian England (or the semblance thereof) has descended upon us.  Dracula rehearsals are in full swing.  It is good to get the creative theatrical juices flowing again. 

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  1. The dollar Store?! I need to check it out! We go thru ceramic plates and bowls like crazy. It'd be nice to spend a bit less on replacements.

    How fun to have rehearsals in your home!