Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: Ten Reasons why I Love the Country

Joining up with Carole at Ten On Tuesday
Tuesday Afternoon musings

Ten Reasons Why I Love Visiting the Country

1.  The thick smell of growing green things in the evenings while hearing the whippoorwills calling.

2.  Lake water slapping up against a dock

3.  The smell of leather and horses mixed together as you saddle up for a ride.

4.  The confidence of children who grow up in the country:  with fixing cars (my young friend Dominic has saved my daughter several times when she left her car lights on.  He just charges the battery with ease and kindness).  They can handle machinery, herd cattle, hunt and dress a deer, handle guns safely and efficiently.  It's their confidence that strikes me most.  It's a lovely thing.  

5.  Cafes by the side of the road that have specialties like mile high pie or Arlene's famous fried chicken.  And the people who serve in these cafes:  friendly, funny, they always like children and joke with them, and they always tell you about something to see in the area.  One time, a wonderful car mechanic lent us his van when ours broke down in Marble Falls, Texas so we could get to a wedding on time.  

6.  Thunderstorms!  We experienced a doozy the other night at our good friends house out in the hills of Missouri.  It was fantastic!  Lightning, booming thunder, trees going wild.  I like that feeling of things just being a bit out of control nature wise.  We just sat on the screened porch and watched while their kids ran out in the rain unperturbed by the wind and thunder.  The parents were confident that they would know when to come in again.

7.  The very thick stillness found between two rows of apple trees.  There is nothing like hearing....silence.  You hardly ever hear it in its pure form if you live in a city.  I go apple picking every September just to experience that stillness.

8.  Tree frogs.......sign of Midwest Summer authenticity!

9.  Cold night air at your back, hot campfire at your front.

10.  Campfire coffee early in the morning watching the dew get dried up by the rising sun.


  1. You've listed so many beautiful reasons to leave the city and get out into the country.

  2. Hello, I'm Pat from southern California. I loved reading your post today and enjoying the lovely photos. I grew up in a small town and it's the best experience. I now live in a large urban area and your photos brought back some great memories. I hope you're having a great day!

  3. Gorgeous photos! My experience of country living is similar to yours (especially how people help each other out).

  4. I love this list! It is full of wonderful images. I love the American countryside, it holds a sense of romance for this welly boot wearing english country mouse. My favourite? I think it would have to be the beautifully poetic number seven :"The very thick stillness found between two rows of apple trees." :)

  5. Great visuals, and I bet thunderstorms in the country are AMAZING!