Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: APPLES!

The wonderful color of apples.  These are the first of the season at our local farm:  Honey Crisps.  Never had this kind of apple before and they are delicious!  We sampled a few as we made our way down the rows. 

There is nothing so lovely as a tree full of red!!!!


The whole experience of picking said apples.  Wagons, tractors, walking down the rows, looking at clouds, listening to cicadas.  

The traditional hurling of the core!  Active Child won for distance over the fence.

{Real-ly Fun}
One of those small, fudge, ice cream, General Stores at the side of a country road in a small town.  I love these kind of places more than I can say. We've been to this same place over the years.    But..dear children who are far away and reading here.....still no pistachio ice cream.


  1. What fun, just viewing all your photos!

  2. What fun pictures! We've been apple picking this week too :)

  3. Honey Crisps are my favorite! Your boys are so funny.