Friday, September 4, 2015

Six Word Friday: The Royal Purples of the Berry Bush

Purple, the velvety color of kings
Peeking out from crown of bush

Jewels shining like treasure to hunters
Bent on making pies or jam

 Red-faced work in heat of day
Yields precious treasure of purple hue

The very end of summer's crop.
Hard won fruit, and sweet reward.


  1. love that smile!! and the berries, beautiful and yummy looking!!!

  2. Oh, those berries look so delicious! What a great Six Sentence Friday too.

  3. Got to love those crown jewels! I have to agree, blackberries are one of nature's finest rewards. We grow lots of blackberries on our farm in Utah. We've been picking for two months now. I think we are on our last week.