Monday, September 28, 2015

Ten Instant Things

Ten Things I wish I could learn instantly

1.  Meteorology.  I think it would be fascinating!  I would then immediately run out and be a storm chaser.   I can look at photos like this in books without ever tiring of them.  

2.  How to Knit and How to Tat Lace

3.  How to play the cello or viola.  I have always thought my dream job would be to play in an orchestra and make beautiful music all the time.

4. To Paint Icons and Do Mosaics 

5.  To sculpt

6.   Learn Ancient Greek

7.  Patience! (I suppose one can't learn patience instantly, but I could try!)

8.  How to expertly sew all the costume ideas I have swimming in my imagination for my drama company.

9.  How to make a tremendous pie crust from scratch. I found these on google images and just kept scrolling down. So beautiful!!

Image result for pie crust

Image result for pie crustImage result for pie crust

10.  How to fly!  (a person can dream can't they?)


  1. Yes, these are great! Flying, baking, botany and the technical aspects of photography would be on my list! Also screenprinting! Glass-blowing! Yachting! So many things!

  2. Glass-blowing!! That's a great one!!

  3. A big yes to numbers 7 and 9! I've tried for years to make a great pie crust from scratch, but my patience has worn thin, so now I just settle for mediocre crusts.

  4. I haven't written my post yet, but some of these will definitely also be on mine!

    (Plus, now I wish I had some pie ...)

  5. Pie crust is crucial! My tip is to only roll in one direction. I usually roll my crust on wax or parchment paper so I can rotate it.

  6. I had how to tat lace on my list too! Something I've always been drawn to....

    Linda in VA

  7. Oh, pie crust! Wouldn't that be handy. (And . . . well, flying.) :-)

  8. I share many on this list. I still haven't figured out how to make a pie crust that doesn't crumble pieces. Those fancy leaves and flowers are quite beyond me :)
    I would love to learn Gaelic, play the Harp or Cello, Learn more about Botany and the medicinal properties of Plants and learn to make Pots on a potters wheel.