Thursday, October 1, 2015

{P,H,F,R}: Soup's On!!!!

My Paternal Grandmother, Mary Louise, in her wedding finery. 

 Isn't she so lovely?  She was a quiet, strong woman of few words, but when she spoke she was very wise.  I am told she kept the books and schedule for my Great Grandfather's booming construction business all by herself at her home and she had quite the head for business.  And she was always ready to try out new things:  she was the first on her block to have a refrigerator and a phone!  She also tatted lace in her spare time.  I have inherited some of these precious pieces.  Pretty is hardly the word for this exquisite work, but they do make anything they are under very pretty indeed!

The soup man returneth!  It's October and time to break out all the fall soup recipes.  Tony is ready!

We had a wonderful, tried and true, white bean soup from this wonderful cookbook.

Involving parsley and mint

The first soup of the season was.........FABULOUS!

Funny AND Real

The funny part...Active Child on his way to his first day of WORK.  The real part is......he is OLD enough to be on his way to his first day of work.  He would probably like to wear his hat like this.....

But he looks so much better like this!!  You can imagine the razzing his younger brother was able to give him about that hat...but he took it with great grace.....and I noticed when I picked him up after work that it was off his head the minute he walked out the door.  Let's just say it  didn't make the "coolness" cut to be part of his fall wardrobe.    


  1. Oh, that pot of soup looks so comforting!

  2. Yay for teens with jobs! It's next to impossible for my kids to get jobs during the school year, as they all play high school sports for at least 2 seasons. (My word sports have gotten more demanding since I was in high school!) However!! They do ref soccer games in the spring and will have jobs come summer.
    The only thing I like about cooler weather is the soup and chili. Bring them on! :)

    1. OH! AND!! That lace is beautiful!! I would love to know how to make lace like that.

    2. Your great grandmother sounds wonderful!

  3. I love soup in the fall! That one looks especially delicious. Love the pretty lace. My mother crochet lace doilies and they are all so unique and lovely. Congrats, Active Child on the new job!

  4. Hooray for soup season!! That pot looks amazing!!!