Thursday, October 22, 2015

{P,H,F,R}: Ordinary Days

The summer ivy from my pots out front.  My kids call me the ivy queen.  It's everywhere.  I am definitely in the camp of those who prefer a messy ivy garden to the controlled, clipped, Bonsai variety of garden.  

            {Funny}                    Drama Kids.  Here we are taking a break from rehearsals for "Romeo and Juliet" to try on costume ideas brought by our costume lady.  This is "Benvolio" trying on a possible shirt.......after we all agreed it looked more like he was running away to join the ice capades, we settled on something else. 

Here are the "gaggle of girls" as we affectionately call them.

  And "Romeo" at rest....the child is hysterically funny in a very dry sort of way.  (My favorite humor)  

We are heading down the home stretch to the actual performance and I have to say, for their very first Shakespeare, they did a valiant job of commanding the language and understanding the story. 
Oh, and this is our resident Eeyore...he is actually very excited in this picture, in an Eeyore sort of way,

as he shows me the swords he is fashioning for the lead men.  He is a prop genius, this boy! 


Just when you are pretty darn proud of yourself that you have dinner started at 7:30 am and are such a clever, organized homemaker........

 around the corner will always be that ever accommodating and humbling "something to offer up" laundry pile.


  1. I've forgotten how much I love ivy! I really should get some for our house.

  2. Ivy is a great plant, although I can only recognize the English - what type is yours? A few of your photos aren't showing up for me - I don't know if it's me.

  3. I have to say, I don't know what kind it is! I just plant it and water it. It does make great trailing vines in the summer that hang over my porch rail. I will have to look it up! thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love ivy too! Your play sounds like such fun! Have a nice weekend! (And hope that pile of laundry has disappeared...)