Friday, October 23, 2015

Lone Brown Leaf

Below the glorious tree on fire

Lone brown leaf, fallen to ground
Left me sad, on gray day.

But soon wind asks for dance
And Brown leaf accepts with joy.
She dances to the grass below
To wind she curtsies gracious low.
"Thanks for last dance, dear wind"
You gave great courage to me
For duty deep, is calling now 
To soil I must return that
other leaves, in spring, may grow.


  1. What a poignant piece. Thank you for sharing. Have a peaceful weekend :)

  2. Very lovely poem. - It's true that leaves have to fall off for the new growth to arrive come spring.
    I like the idea of leaves dancing with the wind.

  3. Awesome poem. I've never heard that one before. Your photos fit it perfectly. :)

  4. A charming poem that truly describes the delight of Autumn.

  5. This's is a beautiful poem. Thank you.

  6. Your words and the leaves tell the story. Thanks for telling it.

  7. Lovely poem........thanks for sharing.......have a happy weekend!

  8. What a wonderful verse you have written to go with your photos. I love it.