Thursday, October 29, 2015

Random Ramblings in the Botanical Gardens

Fall meets Summer.  October can be that way.

The "Bee loud glade"
I don't know much about honey making, but I do love everything about bees.  They are such a sure sign that we have an intelligent Creator.  Everything they do is astounding, symmetrical, and even humorous.  The most wonderful thing I think I have ever seen them do is fly full speed toward the hives and without slowing down they  fly right into the tiny hole at the base.  

{Funnily Random for sure}

 Our homage to Aunt Meg and the movie "Twister".  We love that movie, unbelievable as it is.  I secretly, or not so secretly, want to be a storm chaser as soon as I am able.  My kids totally support me.

 My the land of make believe.

Maze Runners.........

The creepy fish at the Japanese Gardens.  They make me laugh, but mostly they just creep me out.  


  1. A-maze-ing! Those sheep are too funny!

  2. That mazes looks so fun!!!
    Love that you sneaked into one of hose photos... Always fun to catch a glimpse of "Mom"!
    Totally agree on the fish... Creepy!!

  3. That first fish photo made me laugh out loud! That looks like such a fun place to explore...