Thursday, November 5, 2015

{PHFR}: November Landscape

November leaves.  They are different than the glorious leaves of October.  The colors are deeper.  And the sound of leaf sweepers can be heard in the neighborhood.  I  let all my leaves remain on the grass and the ground because I love the sound when you wade through them.  So do the neighborhood kids as they walk to school.  I can always see them kick a few up in the air and smile as they readjust their backpacks and continue on their way.  

 IF I could bottle these colors!  That gorgeous dark brown against the green and yellow.  So beautiful!

November changes come creeping into the house as well.  

Our version of the All Saints Parade.  I found these cards long ago at a home school fair and fell in love with them.  So, we put each and every one out on display all through November.  They are on the mantle, the buffet,  the bookcase....everywhere.  A great cloud of witnesses to the coming of CHRIST THE KING at the end of November. Here are a few of my special ones.

 St. Isaac is Youngest Child's Confirmation Saint this year, so he has pride of place.  In his honor I showed my son the movie "Black Robe".  Quite the example of putting on the armor of Christ.  It moved my son very much!  He chose Fr. Isaac, he said, because not only did he suffer torture and was rescued, but he went BACK to witness again.  
 You just have to love St. Jerome.  Irascible, opinionated, and admitting it.  In my older age I just love the straightforward approach. St. Jerome had it!  But he had a great respect for the value of women in the completion of his work.  And, obviously, he ended up becoming his better self and landed in the arms of Jesus at the end. 

Tech week approach-eth!!!!  Here are some props for ROMEO AND JULIET.  Wish us luck!!


  1. Love that you leave your leaves on the ground... Good luck with your play!

  2. The masks are wonderful. The colours of the leaves are at their peak at the moment. So beautiful.