Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ten (more) Things I am thankful for....RIGHT NOW.

Joining Carole today for Ten on Tuesday.

Ten Things I am Thankful For Right Now..this Thanksgiving Week.

1. Taste buds

2. A canister of bold roast coffee!

3 Eldest Child's Music and songwriting.  He won a songwriting contest the other night at an open mic in the city.  Hurrah!

4. Garlic and onions and celery!

5  Lovely Daughter is coming home tomorrow from places east.  My heart is doing a happy dance.

6.  Wine:  Red and White in crystal glasses.  Nothing more Romantic!

7.  My dear Mom's heirlooms passed down to me.  Lovely "ghosts" of long ago Thanksgivings dwell in them. 

8.  The gift of seven children.  All unique.  All from the hand of God.

9.  BUTTER, AND HEAVY CREAM.  I cannot lie.  

10. For phones that bring my other kids close when they can't be here in person. 

A Blessed Thanksgiving to all!!!!


  1. What a wonderful list, and I can especially relate to your number 7. I'm lucky enough to use my husband's grandmother's dishes, my grandmother's pressed glass bowls, and my great-grandmother's cruets on Thanksgiving. I love the wonderful memories they carry and being able to carry on the traditions. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! You have one of the best lists I've read today.

  3. I'm right with you on the butter and heavy cream!! :)

  4. Butter, cream, and bold roast coffee! YES! lol

    I love your vintage china and glassware! Beautiful!

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving--what a beautiful family!

  6. you have a beautiful family....and that phone! It looks like it could reach right back and call 1977~

  7. Yes! To numbers 1,2 and 4! And surely number 8 will top any list! So many blessings! Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  8. Happy thanksgiving from across the pond :) And congratulations to your son for winning the song writing contest!