Thursday, December 31, 2015

{PHFR}: The Celebration Continues

The Feast of St. Stephen
We all attended a special Mass where Father blessed our 25 years of marriage.  It was wonderful to have all our kids and Tony's Mom there.  Then we all went out for a wonderful pancake breakfast.  Our kids secretly put together this photo album of our lives together and the beautiful champagne glasses are replicas of a 1920's pattern.    They "ding" quite satisfactorily when we toast.  Our kids?  Keepers all of them!!

Feast of St. John, God is Love.
Torrential rains swept through but we were undaunted!  We composed some music, 

ate bon bons, 

played a marathon game of Monopoly, 

helped sand bag a bit in the city, and enjoyed our gifts.

 The groovy teacher look.  Thoughtful Child gets his first brief case for school.  And the St. Malo fisherman hat that belonged to my Dad and passed down to him.  
 Tony gave me my favorite Madonna and Child.  I was speechless.
 Tony is very determined to learn the recorder!  He has practiced every day since Christmas Day when I gave him his soprano recorder!
 Here is Creative Child with his mug of Aristotle contemplating a bust of Plato.  He is also holding a picture he drew for me of St. Ireneus.  It's a beauty and I LOVE it.  

 The Bonsai tree made it!  And it is now in the capable hands of the Lovely Daughter.  She was very surprised.

 Feast of the Holy Innocents
More rain.  But we drank a lot of coffee and admired the tree anew and looked carefully at all the ornaments we have collected over the years.  We also were able to attend Mass at our Basilica which was so beautiful.  

 New Years Eve.  
Thoughtful Child's BIRTHDAY.  Happy Dance!

And on that note.........Happy Christmas so far everyone!

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  1. What joy! Congratulations on 25 years! What a wonderful milestone! I LOVE monopoly! Love the Madonna + Child! Have a beautiful 2016! Oh and happy birthday to your son! My girls just turned 5!