Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wandering the halls of history

This past week we took an excursion through the halls of our local Art Museum.  We lingered among Persian tiles, armor, and tapestries.  We took in all the beautiful Colonial American silver tea sets, we marveled at the Japanese vases, and the ornate and colorful French furniture.  The carved and painted masks and shields of New Guinea, and ended up at the three fantastic Mummies of Egypt.  I hadn't been on a stroll through the art museum in quite awhile and it was a lovely day for culture to seep in and make me notice the beauty.

Good St. Louis, the King, nobly sits out front.

This amazing tree was sitting out front - all made out of metal and dwelling among the other trees. I really took a double take before I realized it wasn't real.  

 This was the highlight of the day.  The wonderful exchange of Mary and Jesus here was so moving.  The sweetness of their smiles and the love of Mary for her God Child is incredible.  

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