Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Ten Best of November

Joining up with Carol today for:

The Ten Best Things I did in November

1.  Deliberately made time to enjoy the changing leaves outside my door.  

2.  Had fun conversations with parents at all my sons' basketball games. 

3.  Witnessed the beauty of a life well lived at the passing of my Dad from this life to the next.  All the stories shared by my sisters and brothers gave us all a new appreciation of how well he did live!

4.  Got to spend time with my Lovely Daughter.  Always a delight!

5.  Heard good news from Creative Child and Thoughtful Child as they celebrated Thanksgiving together way out west. Both their job and school are going so very well!!  They both were able to come for a bonus visit in early November.

6.   Attended a few "Open Mic" nights where I got to see Eldest Child perform.  It is so FUN to hear all these people get up and sing, or read poetry, or play an instrument.  As a Mom, it was  wonderful to see people come up to my son and praise his songwriting and vocals.   He is living his dream.  Can't ask for more than that!!!

7.  Began to appreciate anew how beautiful my city is.  The parks, the hiking trails, the old buildings, the superlative symphony orchestra!  Autumn is a great backdrop for getting to know your home town over again.

8.  Celebrated the first Sunday of Advent.  I think I might just love Advent the most of all the Church's gifts.  It is quiet, calm, reflective, and all its saints are that way as well.  

9.  Cooking mostly new recipes for our Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was grand!  The best find was an amazing broccoli casserole from Pioneer Woman's cookbook.  Wow, so good.  And the rolls....oh my!  I will not tell you the amount of butter involved in this whole process.....

10.  Finally noticed that St. Andrew's feast is on November 30.  He seems to get lost in the Thanksgiving rush and the start of Advent.  We read about him yesterday and he is quite lovable.  He was the first disciple who followed Jesus.  And he went right out and found some more friends to share what he had found.  Generous and gracious and inviting.  It is also said that he preached and talked to his fellow Christians from the cross on which he was martyred to comfort them and give them courage.  That could only happen from a lifetime of gracious giving.   

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  1. Sounds like a full month! Hope December is a good month for you as well.

  2. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post. I also appreciate the anticipation that is Advent.

  3. a month well lived! hope you have a beautiful December!