Monday, January 18, 2016

Good, Random, Fun: That's a Wrap

There is no better feeling than the final night of a play.  Last night we took our last bows for Romeo and Juliet.  This was my drama students' first Shakespeare play and they did such a valiant job of commanding the language.  My week was steeped in all the preparations and rehearsals.  So all my goods, randoms, and funs are very theatrical!


Girls who knew how to do intricate hairstyles.  And wonderful make up.

Capturing the essence of the jewel colors of the Renaissance.  The Costumes were so clever!  Lots of table runners and table cloths were used in this production.  My friend Amy, the costume lady, is a genius and she always "gets" what I am looking for.

Backstage is always a zoo right before the play night.  Music blaring, girls chattering and boys sword fighting with the props.  It's life at its best!!


  1. So fun! Right now my girls are memorizing lines from Twelfth Night and I'd love to make it come alive more for them...

  2. oh what fun! their costumes were incredible!

  3. gosh! Sometimes I miss those days as a teacher! the energy! of teens. And, isn't it wonderful to see them so engaged in their craft & supporting each other? I'll bet your weekend was spent recuperating from the excitement.

  4. Such gorgeous photos! Love especially the dresses and the girls' hairdos. :)
    It must have been lovely to participate in... and to attend the play. Thank you for sharing!