Thursday, January 14, 2016

PHFR: Of Juliet and her Romeo

We are thick in the middle of rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet this week.  Lots of drama, swords, daggers, velvet, and veils.  Here are a few quick pics of stage building and acting.  More later on that after this week is over.

A welcomed Dinner Break!!  It's a lonngg play!

 Juliet's death - just a moment captured!

This is what my house looks like now that I am in tech week!  

Creative Child and I have also been busy over the Christmas holidays gathering pictures from all over the place and reaching back years as well to help tell the humble history of our family's adventures with theater.  It has been so fun to see pictures of little tiny kids who now are grown and in college.  If you'd like to check it out you can view it on my theater blog:  It isn't finished yet.  We still have a few more plays to chronicle before we get to the present ones.  Anyone who has built a set or made costumes for a school play will probably have a giggle at the early ones.  


  1. Looks like the play and the preparations are coming together. When is the performance? How many of your kids are involved?

    1. This year I have two actors in the play and all my older kids helped with the sets and props when they were home for Christmas. The performance is coming up this week end!!

  2. Looks like hard work! But hard work can be so gratifying!

  3. Wow, what a fun production to be a part of. And tech week is always so fun... and exhausting lol! Enjoy!