Thursday, January 7, 2016

{P,H,F,R}: Gray can be beautiful!

I really love the greens, reds, and golds of a Christmas house.  I also think twinkling lights on trees is amazing and I look forward to it every year.  But there is something so soothing about a gray day with those particularly striking clouds.  When I opened the door to get the mail, I was met with that kind of beauty.  The restful beauty of bare trees, wind rustling through dried plants, and slate skies lit up by sun.  I am one of those people who only do their best thinking and praying on days like this.  

One last hurrah before most of my older kids trickle away back to school and jobs far away. Eldest Child and Lovely Daughter treated Tony and me to The Chocolate Bar.  

All the signature drinks are made with dark, white, or milk chocolate.  They are so....scrumptious.  But the decor is the most delicious.  This is a wonderful little place in the middle of a French flavored section in our city. 

It is rich and wonderful RED everywhere.  

I had a dark chocolate, raspberry martini.  Tony had a hot mocha martini.

{Funny and Real-ly incredible}
Some wonderful, amazing, beautiful photos taken by a college student,  Katie B., an up and coming professional photographer who did a photo shoot with three of my kids for various job related head shots, album cover possibilities, and in the case of Creative Child, just for the heck of it.  She is quite something!



  1. I love the fourth photo down - of the tree and houses...stunning

  2. the light in the first photos is just beautiful! mmm! chocolate! her photos are beautiful! especially the one of your daughter!

  3. I love that stormy kind of sunlight, so stark and beautiful. Those chocolate cocktails look amazing! The photography is wonderful. I love the kind of photography that captures the essence. She is very talented.

  4. Well at least your sky has hints of blue. Here it's just gray. - I do like the patterns of winter trees/branches. - Mmmm those drinks looked yummy. What a neat shot you ended with.

  5. A chocolate bar! How delightful. Yes, gray is beautiful. And a gray day makes me appreciate a blue sky even more. Fantastic photos.

  6. The chocolate bar looks fantastic! Such a fun night!