Sunday, February 28, 2016

Good, Random, Fun: Open Mic Night

The "Open Mic Night".  This is a new and wonderful experience for me.  Eldest Child goes to a lot of these down in the city where we live.  The evening consists in several local singer/songwriters getting together to sing their songs for one another.  There is a common pot where everyone puts in five dollars and gets to vote for their three top favorites.  The winner gets the prize in the end.  I find these nights so enjoyable.  You get as many takes on life as there are song masters in the room.  And there is a kind of exhilarating humility pervading the whole place as each musician puts his/her thoughts and music out there in front of the crowd.  
This particular open mic space is my favorite.  An old corner store that they turned into an Art Space for art shows and music. I get a glass of wine, my voting card, a seat at a table and music.  There is something so amazing about watching your child get up and sing his life.