Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ten on Tuesday: 25/7?

Ten Things I would do with an extra hour each day

1.  Reading.  Pure, unadulterated, uninterrupted reading in a quiet space with a cup of coffee...Lovely Daughter likes it too!

2.  Washing, drying and folding every, single piece of laundry and putting it away for the day.

3.  A leisurely walk around the park....not a hurried race around to get to the next thing on the agenda. 

4.  A Holy Hour at my Parish....I can't seem to get to that my chagrine.

 5.   To have a work free teatime siesta hour during the afternoon with a treat and some tea and coffee with all my kids and my husband to discuss and enjoy one another's company.

6.   Listening to birds in the very early morning and calmly watching the world wake up.  

7.  Yard work.  Boring but true!

8.  Writing:  letters, stories, journal.

9.   Cooking really involved recipes or baking bread.

10.  The simple truth is, if I had an extra hour in the day it would be absorbed into all the other hours and become just another one of those.  Maybe the trick is to take the 24 I have and rethink the precious quality of each one and use it wisely.  

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