Thursday, March 3, 2016

P,H,F,R: Around the house

Handmade rosaries.  Made with love to honor Our Lady.  I just like to think of all the murmured Hail Mary's counted on these beads over the years.  To ask her to pray with us and for us to her Son.

{Happy and Fun}
We have hit the geometry section in the 8th grade math book. Being a confirmed mathematiphobe, I can remember being so perplexed by math when I was the point of tears.  And now, it is so easy.  Constructing shapes with Youngest Child has actually been, dare I say it, FUN.  Another little perk of home schooling.  You get to do everything over again and really learn it...and maybe learn to like it. 

I read a post by Mary at about a table that her husband built for her growing family. It was a great post.  It made me think of the table I inherited from my parents.  It went to me as I had the most children!  I ate at this table when I was young and it is full of scratches and rubs that I don't want to get rid of.  My dad built the benches for my kids.    This table is actually an industrial sized door with a trestle attached.  It was the only thing my parents could find big enough to sit their 8 kids....4 right handed,  4 left handed, 4 boys and 4 girls.  I love this table.  And thanks to Mary for bringing that to mind because I pass it a hundred times a day and don't even notice it most times. Now I do!


  1. Love your table. And I love your thoughts about homeschooling...I can't believe how much I learn by homeschooling my girls!

    (I also love Mary at's my sister in law!)

    1. Oh wow! That is so great! I love you both!!

  2. Your table is so beautiful! And I adore your icons :)

  3. Love your table! It is gorgeous!

  4. That table is amazing. I can imagine many happy memories being created there.
    Handmade rosaries are the best.