Wednesday, March 9, 2016

{P,H,F,R}: My Happy Place

Tony and I were able to get away for a long week end to visit two boys out west.  As luck would have it, Lovely Daughter's spring break overlapped this week end and she joined us for this impromptu, semi-family reunion. Eldest Child generously offered to hold down the fort at home (I thought I heard him yell: "Guy Fest Week end, rocks!!!!") as we drove off, but I can't be sure.  The younger boys love when he "baby sits".   We enjoyed the California sun, the flowers and trees, and all the spiritual treasures around us.  It was indeed a happy place!


The Buenaventura Mission, one of the Franciscan Missions planted on the California Coast by some faith filled, courageous men.   This is indeed a holy place - full of quiet and peace.  Creative Child, Tony and I just wandered through the courtyard and chapel in silence.  


The Beach!!  It was COLD but we didn't care!   This was the first time I experienced sea "foam".  The wind was so fierce that it blew this bubble like foam high up in the air as the waves hit the shore.  It was so amazing!  Seagulls were flying over us trying to get our lunch but the wind kept blowing them odd to watch.  Other than that, they are beautiful and I DO love their cry.  Creative Child's friends were great!  They braved the cold and wind so us Midwestern Folk could see the sea!!  

Lovely Daughter demonstrating the trunk capacity power of our rental car.  In the market for a car, she is very interested in trunk capacity right now.  

The ponds.  These are tucked away down a hill from the main campus and are just so beautiful to meander through.  Lovely Daughter and I took a walk here and just liked being together again.  


Beignets from a tiny Cajun restaurant in town.  Yum!!


  1. What a wonderful adventure! The sea looks beautiful but I don't like cold water... They were very brave! Those ponds are lovely! So nice to spend time with your children! <3

  2. Oh and that courtyard is beautiful! And that last pic just made me salivate...

  3. All of the outdoor pictures are just lovely. The fountain, the sea, the rock wall. What beautiful places!

  4. What beautiful photos!!!
    I love the tiles in the fountain. They are exquisite.
    The beach looks like a blast. Isn't the ocean so majestic!?