Monday, February 8, 2016

Good, Random, Fun: Saturday in the Park

A Saturday in the park.  This park has the honor of being the setting for the movie"Meet Me in St. Louis".  The World's Fair was here long ago,  and the buildings are still all very handsome and noble.  Tony and I ended up having brunch in the upstairs cafe of the History Museum.  Quite tasty and great views of the park! I swore I would never take pictures of food, but alas, how the mighty have fallen. I blame it on the Hard apple cider champange. 

Chicken pot stickers with kale, pickled carrots, and kimshi.  Yum!
Salmon with white beans.  So good.

  After that,  we meandered around the grounds and found some lovely nature to photograph.  

Flowers picked out by Dancing Child.  If you knew this child, these flowers express his personality perfectly. Bright and bigger than life.

Helping hang pictures at Eldest Child's apartment.  No pictures of that but fun, nonetheless!  

When he moved, he found a scarf he had gotten me at "the end of the world" on his great trek across Spain last summer.  He had forgotten to give it to me when he got back and only discovered that fact when he moved.  This made me laugh to myself.  Guys are so funny.  He also gave me this great Celtic coloring book for my birthday.  Coloring things is a real stress reliever, somehow!!  I love Celtic designs.  


  1. I love that movie! The salmon dish looks amazing. And what colorful flowers!

  2. Was it your birthday? If so - happy birthday! My one daughter would likely pick out the same flowers - the more colorful, the better!

  3. Those are vibrant flowers. I too got an adult coloring book- mine is of flowering mandalas. Great park shots too.

  4. Love delightful days of doing all things relaxing and fun. Beautiful flowers!

  5. Look at all that tasty looking food!