Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ten On Tuesday: To the rescue!!

Ten on Tuesday:  Scenario...You've been kidnapped.  What ten TV characters would you call upon to rescue you?

1.  MacGyver:  What that man can do with a roll of duct tape and a ballpoint pen!  He'd be my first call.
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2.  Better call...Saul Goodman...Breaking Bad.  With his connections and savvy know how he'd find someone to find me.  I just know it.  But then he might defend the kidnappers and get them off.  Hmmm.
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3.  John Reese from Person of Interest and his clever master mind boss, Harold Finch.  My number would be up and they would find me.  
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4.  Rosemary and Thyme.....those loveable, gardening snoops.  If I were kidnapped and imprisoned in an old English Mansion in the countryside with a garden that needed work, THEY would be all over it and save me.  And do a makeover of the garden to boot!
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5.  Hercule Poirot.  Well, because he is so darn good at what he does.  And he does it with class!!
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6.  Miss Marple.....because naturally after I'd been rescued I could join her at her lovely little flat and have a spot of tea.
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7.  James Bond....the Sean Connery version.  Because who wouldn't want to be rescued by James Bond in his immaculate tuxedo and amazing voice?
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8.  Hmmm....Brother Cadfael........this of course presupposes that I got kidnapped in Medieval England.  But this wonderful monk and all his brothers would help to find me and then, as a perk,  I could see their monastery and watch him make medicines in his little hut.  I love Brother Cadfael.
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9.  Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five O.  Simply because I would want to hear him say, "Book em Danno!"
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10.  Lenny from Law and Order.  Because the sight of Lenny rescuing me would be very comforting indeed.  He was just a cool guy!
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  1. Great list!! Lenny... I miss that mug.

  2. Fantastic list! Steve McGarrett!! Such memories!

  3. MacGyver! i read a few days ago that they are planning on filming a new series... and Angela Lansbury (sic) from Murder She Wrote...