Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hush! Be Still!

If I had a dime for every time I have told my children to "Hush!  Be still! Stop talking!"  I'd be rich.  I thought about that today as Youngest Child and I opened the door to the chapel before Mass.  We were early today and the rich, thick silence enveloped us.

If only my mind could be filled with that kind of silence.  Sometimes it sounds like chattering, arguing children in my thoughts.  So many things desired, feared, pondered, ridiculed, loved.    Maybe that is what all the fasting, praying, alms giving, and self denial are about.  To make ourselves stop chattering in our minds about lesser things, so we can dwell in the silence that precedes the voice of God.  That is my goal this Lent.  To "Hush! Be Still! Stop talking!"  The chapel seemed to gladly give me a space to begin.  The silence was calming, other worldly, peaceful.  God is so kind.


  1. Beautiful! May you find stillness every where!

  2. What a beautiful space of prayer. I can really feel the peace and stillness :)

  3. Silence. More frequent church visits outside of Sunday Mass. Thank you for the inspiration.