Thursday, February 4, 2016

P,H,F,R: A this and that week

Nothing earth shattering this week to speak of, but there were some pretty, happy, funny, real moments in there nonetheless.

A Chicken Pot Pie ready for the oven.  This time we put some left over okra in for the veggie.  It was tasty!  

Raising money for the pro life movement at our co op this week.  Youngest Child won the "free throws for life" contest and made some money to help the babies!!!  He also got a very nice tee shirt as a prize.  

{Funny and Real}
Eldest Child found a great apartment in the city and has taken away all his furniture that he lent me while he was searching for said apartment.  I had to rearrange the upstairs "parlor" next to the school room in order to accommodate the holes left by departed furniture.  We moved the sofa about 40 times and finally landed it here.  

Then I unabashedly went and stole the bookcase out of Active Child's room and dragged it in to the "parlor". 

 He did not care one bit.  He is a man of simple tastes.  A bed, a desk, his phone to keep in touch with his million friends, and that's all he wants.  Actually, I am not sure he has noticed that it is gone yet.  
Last night I went dining room set shopping with Eldest Child at our local thrift store.  He found a great table and four chairs, and I landed this very cute end table that I will be using as a small coffee table that can be moved anywhere in front of the sofa. 

And as you know, when you start moving stuff,  all of a sudden you get new decorating ideas.  Some nice frames I got for my birthday.

 (Youngest Child says we should leave the elephant in the one and people will think we are very exotic!). Some blue and white vases I found at Walgreens for half price at the after Christmas sale. 

  Maybe some new pictures on the walls.  It's really rather like opening a Pandora's Box...when you start moving sofas around. 
But as luck would have it,  we scored some bags of Pepperidge Farms cookies left over from a college night we hosted, and were able to mull over these important decisions while munching our lovely cookies.   I won't say who broke into the Milano bag before this picture was taken.   

 So, there it is.  My this and that week!  Hope your week was good too!


  1. ...and when you post about re-decorating, you give readers ideas, too! (I like the new end-table/cabinet)

  2. Your chicken pot pie looks pretty and yummy!
    My mom had quite the void in her house when I got married and moved out taking my furniture, one beautiful hutch included, with me. I remember her joking during the weeks before my wedding about how much she was going to miss me AND my hutch! ;)
    Your fireplace is beautiful!

  3. definitely leave the elephant in the frame - that's hilarious!

  4. your chicken pie looks delicious! nothing like rearranging furniture!

  5. I love a good chicken pot pie! I also love be the fabric on that couch. Beautiful!

  6. Your birthday frames are fabulous! And, chicken pie is always wonderful - I think I'll be making these during Lent, as I'll most likely be roasting a chicken for Sundays.