Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ten On Tuesday: Ten Do Overs in honor of Ground Hog Day

Joining up with Carole for Ten on Tuesday

Ten Moments in My Life that I would like to repeat

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1.  The day my Dad surprised me with my first English saddle horseback riding lesson.  It was such a total, joy filled surprise.  That feeling!  I'd like to feel it again.  

2.  Talking philosophy with college friends by a mountain creek bed most of one night under a California sky filled with moon glow.  The smell, the feel of the air, the content of being with friends who "got" me.  Yes, I'd do that again.

3.  Seeing each of my babies for the very first time.  

4.  Canoeing out to an island in the middle of a mist filled October lake on our honeymoon.  We were all alone on the water and all alone on that island.  It was very much like a place out of fantasy.  Must be because we were so happy in love.  

5.  Spending summer vacations water skiing all day long and fishing all night long with a dock full of dads, moms and a million kids.  The smell of sunblock and the taste of Orange Crush brings me back to that place every time. 

6.  The day I went with my Dad to pick out my very first dog at the pet store.  Peppy was his name and he was a beautiful blonde cocker spaniel.  The feel of his warm, wiggly, puppy self up against me and knowing he was mine was a feeling I'd like to feel again.

7.  An impromptu date with my husband Tony that ended up being one of the greatest meals and greatest times I have ever had eating out.  We got the "feast" on a whim at this Greek restaurant, Saleems, whose motto is:  Where Garlic is King.  We ordered Australian wine, ate grape leaves,  had every imaginable delicacy and ended with Greek coffee.  It was a long and leisurely meal and the best thing was - it was all unplanned.  

8.  Seeing "My Fair Lady" on the big screen in a real movie theater - my very first time at the movies.  That was such a thrill!  I'd feel that thrill again!

9.  Drinking French cocoa and eating warm baguettes at a cafe in Paris - trying a French cigarette, too.  I was eighteen and in Paris and it did not disappoint. We flew in at sunrise and had that first breakfast and I knew I would be in love forever.  I'd like to do that again.

10.  Singing Easter Mass in my very first choir.  It was grand feeling all those voices around me and knowing I was part of it.  


  1. this is fun. At first I thought this would be a list of things you'd like a second chance at - to change an outcome. I like this take on it better - 10 things you'd experience all over again!

  2. These were lovely -
    you have such a gift of gratitude