Monday, March 21, 2016

Love Poured Out.....still in our time.

"You are not where you are now to understand the world, but to understand what the will of God is for you.  It is a matter of being where you are supposed to be."
Blessed Miguel 

We get a newsletter called The St. Anthony Companion in the mail once in awhile.  Sometimes I read it, other times it sits in the mail pile.  But this time I could not stop looking at these two faces.  I started to read the article.  It turns out they are the first two martyrs of Peru.  They traveled from Poland to Peru to live among the poor people in the mountains.  In August 1991 they were dragged from their friary after Mass by a group of revolutionary terrorists called "the shining path".  The terrorists wrote up a death warrant with the Friar's blood and then executed them because, "They preach peace and tranquilize the people with religion, through the rosary, Masses, reading the Holy Scripture, and because of that, the people don't want revolution. We must kill those who preach peace".  

Heaven came so close to earth while I was reading this.  Greatness is not dead.  There are still shining sparks in the stubble.  They are glorious in their simplicity.  They died for the peace of Christ.  Their names:  Blessed Miguel and Blessed Zbigniew, made blessed by Pope Francis on Dec. 5, 2015.

And when I am tempted to think that there is no more faith or depth of character, or kindness, or sweet gentleness on this earth, I can think of these two men...who would be about my age now. Witnesses to the same Gospel Jesus will die for this Holy Week on Good Friday.  Both of them know with happy abandon now that they are with Him in paradise.  


  1. What a gripping story, Denise! Can you believe that people will actually kill those who preach peace! What a broken world we live in!

  2. Oh wow. One doesn't often think this happens much in modern day, but it surely still does.

  3. These stories just convict my heart. They shine a light that inspires. Thank you for sharing. I hope you had a peaceful and happy Easter.