Monday, March 21, 2016

Good, Random, Fun

An epic Father/Son basketball game to close out the season.  So funny to watch the dads come out strong, run up and down the court about six times and then just wait at half court to see which way the ball is going before they run.  Youth won of course, but it sure was fun to root for the Dads and their valiant effort.  

The somewhat wacky world of cosplay.  This is the first child I have had who just thinks this is so cool.  You dress up like your favorite fantasy or science fiction character and you go to a convention with other people who think it is cool, too.  There are light saber duels, comic book panels, a super hero ball etc. He just loves the whole package!   

I have no idea why......but it's a look........

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  1. Such fun moments! Seems there is a lot of joy in your family!