Thursday, April 28, 2016

PHFR: Groovy Shoes

I am in the middle of tech week for our upcoming play of EMMA by Jane Austen, so not much time to post.  

However, our sports fashionista Active Child bought himself a pair of shoes that defy description.  I had to take a photo shoot.  These shoes do all sorts of things:  change colors, flash fast, flash slowly.  I was speechless and mesmerized.  Here they are:


  1. oh my goodness! thats quite a pair of shoes! my little girls would go crazy!!!

  2. wow! those are quite some shoes

  3. oh my! they are incredible! been missing you1

  4. I always planned on writing a response here to some of the great post you have shared of your family. Our families have much in common.
    Those shoes!!!! Made quite an impression on my young people. They would love the name of the shoes.
    Thanks so much for sharing. As our kids get older it gets harder and harder to see examples of how others with kids at home are doing.