Monday, May 2, 2016

Good, Random, Fun: That's a Wrap!

I finished directing our school's drama season with "Emma" based on the book by Jane Austen.  It was a crazy tech week ending in a very fun show.  The kids did a great job taking us back to the Regency Period of England with all its grace, beauty, and.....matchmaking!  Fun play!  Now to that mountain of laundry I have waiting for me in the basement.

Props and Such.

Random fun fact: A Junior girl puts together the greatest hairstyles for all the girls.  She did all these styles plus her own in record time two days in a row!  She was Harriet in the play.

Tech week.  Drama kids are wild, fun, creative, chatty, and game for anything.  I love them so!!




  1. looks fun! I love looking at the set, props and costumes

  2. Your set and costumes were beautiful! Those hairstyles are amazing! Have a beautiful week!

  3. It looks like it was a wonderful production! Beautiful costumes and props, and the hairstyles are gorgeous.
    We saw a fantastic college production of Pirates of Penzance this weekend and on the way home I commented that I thought it was better than a professional show as young people's energy and enthusiasm just can't be beat. You must have so much fun with those kids!

  4. I didn't know Emma was from the Regency Period. I never even thought about it. Lol. I love that teacup saucer. So pretty. And the hairstyles are amazing. I just love the pics from the play. Great costumes, I think I can tell who they all played!

  5. Oh beautiful. What a wonderful set and costumes. And, the hairstyles are just fantastic! Looks like fun.