Monday, August 8, 2016

Good, Random, Fun: last weeks of summer

The Good, the Random, and the Fun
in no particular order
Tony was off work this past week, and we had a great stay-cation.  We did all sorts of things and ate at all sorts of different places for lunch.  We visited my 97 year old Mom and my sister, we took in our museum, we traveled to a small town, we saw some movies at the actual theater, and we picked peaches.  All said, it was just as nice as packing a suitcase and traveling somewhere else.  We discovered we have a great city and a beautiful state.  Missouri is home and felt very much so this week. Here are some mementos of our adventures this week. 
Randomly Delicious
Found this great Mexican place while walking around sight seeing.  It was fantastic!!  Dancing Child was served up a Mango iced smoothie and was sold on the place!

 The good, old fashioned photo bomb!

 Visiting Grandmama

This is hard evidence that we are pathetic coffee addicts.  My sister's coffee maker carafe was broken, but that didn't stop us!  We used a sauce pan and a spoon to get our coffee made.  American ingenuity at work!! 
 My Mom has a lot of memory loss, but she is just as gracious as ever.  She loves a party and entertained us with her French sayings, her polite serving up of the cake, and her sweet sugar kisses.  She grew up very Victorian and has remained so all her life.  She is lovely! 

At the Art Museum....our favorite silver metal tree out front, and great views of the city.  Plus, you just can't beat the way a Museum uses lighting to show off its treasures. 



  1. Staycations can be so great to explore local bits!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. a beautiful week... what precious memories you made... your Mother sounds lovely...