Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ten On Tuesday: Brought to you by the letter D

Joining up with Carole today:

Ten on Tuesday
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Today, we are asked to describe ourselves with ten different adjectives using the first letter of our name.  Hmmmm.....so, here goes.

1.  DARING:  In all things concerning recipes, launching out with ideas and plans.  I can honestly say that I have never been hampered by a fear of failure in trying an adventure like starting a theater company or other such ventures.  However, this daring does not translate to rollercoasters, heights, or sports where I might fall to my death.  Some of my kids have that kind of daring....mine is more of the, well, cerebral type.
2.  DEAR:  This is the greeting of choice for me when I drive up to the Starbucks window, or when my order is taken by the waiters at restaurants. Oh, and by the librarian...as in, "what can I get you, Dear?"    I have always had a secret wish to be that mysterious, long legged femme fatal who no one would ever dream of calling dear..........but being 5' 1, with a round face and glasses? That just isn't going to happen.  So, I'll just OWN it and be a DEAR.
3. DICKENSON:  Because I love all her poetry and find my soul's voice there often.
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4. DEDICATED:  To educating my children, to art, to music, to theater.  Not, however, to having the best lawn on the block....I appreciate a manicured lawn, but there isn't much dedication to make it happen outside my front door, alas.  
5. DAFFODILS:  Because I prefer wild flowers to hot house flowers.  Give me a daisy before a rose any day. 
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6.  DELIGHTED:   I love to have the time, the energy, and attention to delight properly in things.  Paintings, poetry, nature. 
7.  DUSTY:  as in I don't mind dust.  I hate clutter, but I don't mind dust.
8.   DANCING:  I love to cut a rug!
9.  DELVE:  I like digging for meaing.  I love Theology, Philosophy and Literature.  I love that feeling of discovering a particularly beautiful metaphor, turn of phrase, or a clear, well expressed idea.  And the delving is part of the final reward.  This delving also translates into book fairs, old book stores, etc....where the books with the treasures are found. 
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10.  DUSK:  my favorite time of day when all the work is done and the smell of dinner is wafting out the window and I step outside on the porch to enjoy the last rays of the sun going down. 


  1. Great words! and #10 is so awesome!

  2. Great list! I had d too, and struggled a little. I love that you used delving.

  3. wonderful list! brought a smile to my face!