Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Good, Random Hike that was Fun

An afternoon hike in an oh, so Missouri landscape. 

 Layered cliffs,
Red Bud trees in flower, moss, the Cardinal's spring call high in the trees, sunlight filtering through bare branches, the smell of soggy leaves lining the path.  Early spring.  There is nothing more wonderful.  As Dicken would say in THE SECRET GARDEN....everything is "wick" waking up again.  


  1. so lovely... little secret worlds... I love the tree fungus. have a beautiful week!

  2. Wonderful spring flowers and fascinating fungi.
    Interestingly, the rock there looks very different from ours (in Finland), but reminds the ones we see in Northern Italy.
    Wishing you sunny spring days!

  3. You captured spring! I like the boot shots.

  4. I love the little hints of green as spring approaches. That is one cool fungus!

  5. What a great walk. The lichen and fungi are so neat, what delicate little wild flowers and the moss so pretty & green.

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