Sunday, April 23, 2017

Oh me of little faith..........

Sunday morning at the kitchen window.  All the herbs are coming along nicely.  And now tomatoes have been added to the mix and are chugging along in their egg carton homes.

It must be because I don't come from a gardening background - except for nursing along pots of petunias through the long, hot, humid summers - but when any seed is planted I have this inner voice that always says, "No way is this going to work...."

 And then the green starts to show and I am genuinely being given a present, "Oh, wow!  It DID work!"  Oh me of little faith.....

The mustard seed of faith is like that.  Smallest of them all, it can be carelessly dropped, tossed, or left in the package with a sigh....this will never work.  Not up against our day and its problems...not in this situation and certainly not in that one....BUT if we take it out and plant it carefully with prayer and TRY to remember that it can be small and timid at first, it will grow to be the largest of trees.  

Mine is still at this stage...the egg carton stage...the stage where God so graciously shows me the results of my acts of faith sometimes, and I laugh to myself and say, "Hey, it worked!  Let's plant another one!"  

God is so very patient with us, isn't He?  Praise Him.  


  1. Sorry late for my reply - seeds are so magical - and so are the fruit that the earth brings forth! Many thanks for the seeds you are sharing with All Seasons. Have a lovely rest of the week!