Sunday, April 30, 2017

That's a Wrap!!

Sense and Sensibility this week.  So proud of each and every one of these marvelous teens.  Actors, crew, builders, seamstresses, painters, and musical composers.  Bravo!  I salute you!  I couldn't have asked for better or more enthusiastic kids.

John and Fanny Dashwood

 Elinor and Edward Ferrars
 Marianne and Willoughby
 Marianne and Colonel Brandon
 The Dashwoods

 Lucy Steele and Robert Ferrars


  1. Whoa, love the costumes! Wished I was there to see it - what a great event:) Your shots are lovely, and thank you for giving All Seasons an idea about Sense and Sensibility! Love that one shot with all the boys. Hope you all can rest this week:)

  2. Looks like the play was a big sucess!

  3. Congratulations! Beautiful costumes! Looks like everyone had great fun! Love all the smiles!!

  4. Wow! The sets and the costumes are amazing! My girls are officially jealous and wishing we lived closer.

  5. They look awesome! Doing theater was some of my favorite moments from high school. I still continue to act as an adult!