Thursday, May 4, 2017

Little Things Thursday: Morning Walk

Rose bushes on fire.  Obviously, they catch the eye with brightness and share their beautiful, sweet scent with the world around them.  

 But when you get closer there are many of them hidden in the leaves below the top layer of "extroverts" bobbing in the full  sunlight  above them.   
 There are people like that.  I know one.  He is a wonderful, soft spoken young man whom Willy Wonka describes so well when he says to Charlie Bucket, " And YOU, you're just happy to be here!" This young man, David by name, is just happy to be here.  This young man, David, is like these hidden roses.
 He asks for nothing, he works very hard at his acting, he does all the non shiny things like putting up backdrop curtains and fixing stage pieces.  He hauls, carries, and smiles quietly through it all.  I love people like David.  They remind me of how Our Lady and St. Joseph must have been to their neighbors in Nazareth.  Graciousness born of humility.  

And the best thing is:  they have NO idea how beautiful they are!  So here's to David and all those like him hidden in the leaves of life.  We see you and we thank God for you.  


  1. Lovely post, CM! :)
    Yes, there are people like that. They make the world more beautiful.
    And, in general, a little bit of refreshing shade is better than the harsh sunlight. :) Wonderful photos!