Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas clicks

1.  The Guest of Honor!

2. Early morning presents...low on sleep, high on crazy.

3. Decorations on the fly!  Martini glasses, extra ornaments from the dollar store, plaid ribbon and voila!  This was a fun table. 

4.  Christmas Books!  Can't live without them. 

 5. Chocolate consumed.  Yum!  And of course, good, red wine!  Oh, and did I mention COFFEE!

6.  Ornaments and long time decorations from over the years 

A model of the Parish Church where we lived when our family was very young.  A favorite picture drawn by a favorite Uncle of my oldest two boys meeting Santa for the first time.  They are now 23 and 22.  Sigh!

My wonderful Mom's handiwork.  She was a Christmas genius!  She is 97 now and still revels in walking around my house ohhing and ahhing at all the Christmas lights and the tree.  Blessed are the truly Childlike!  And that would be she!

7.  Best present ever!  My husband had me open this first as a hint.  Hmmm........Danish cookies and candy.  Then I opened the next one.  All my favorite Susanne Bier movies!  I was ecstatic!  If you haven't seen any of them, you really must.  The depth of her characters and the feelings they evoke in the heart...truly she has the muses with her! She gives me hope that art is alive in our time and hasn't completely descended into the mire of the shallow CGI 
extravaganzas that are cranked out over and over again.  She makes us pause, slow down, and take stock of our actions and our relationships with each other.  Okay, I will stop now.  


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