Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Week continues...........

The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is one of those weeks that seem to be out of time.  There is still time to play all the games we got under the tree, to read all the books, and drink wine and coffee while we discuss them. 

 Some of us have to go to work, but we know it is only for a couple of days and then another holiday comes.  In short........still that festive atmosphere! 

In honor of this week, Eldest Child (with helpers), has decided to make dinner and give Tony and I a night off in the kitchen.  Hurrah, say I! This is not Eldest child's first foray into the culinary arts.  I recall, with immense glee, the week he began to cook when he was around 10 years old. We were treated to all sorts of things.  But the funniest by far were the brownies he made for the workers who were refinishing my basement at the time.  Imagine their surprise when this little kid brought them lemonade and brownies on a silver tray. They were all grandpas, so the ohhs and ahhs were many.  This memory is second only to the time 6 year old Thoughtful Child invited the librarian for dinner and she CAME.   

Tony took full advantage of the break from the kitchen to get a start on the mountain of interesting books he received for Christmas.......

Back in the kitchen......things were heating up, as they say.  Eldest Child opted for a recipe in this tried and true Italian Cook Book.  He had to substitute canned oysters for the mussels because, as we say in our family, "it's all Bob Cratchet can afford". 

The ingredients looked quite promising.....can't EVER go wrong with parmesan and parsley....

Bravo to the Chefs!  Youngest Child wants you all to know that he doesn't always look like this......

For dessert, homemade vanilla pudding with oreos.........Creative Child's creation.  We all agreed it looked like scrambled eggs with sausage........but, hmmmm, was it delicious!!!  

Oh, and ROLLOS........any feast goes better with ROLLOS!

A lovely dinner and some amazing cooks!  Thank you Eldest Child and helpers!

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